Addiction Treatment and Agape

agape addiction treatmentPeople with mental disorders and addictions can help fight their illnesses by practicing agape, or selfless love. Incidentally, agape is something that should be present within addiction treatment as well. People can commit to addiction treatment expecting to encounter agape in their counselors and facilitators because treatment is far more effective when this quality is present. They can also expect to find it within their support groups and meetings with other people who are struggling. And lastly, they should prepare themselves to give it to others to help them in their journey toward recovery.

The counselors and facilitators at a rehab or other type of addiction treatment center are called to selflessness. It is their vocation and their purpose to put themselves second to their clients in order to be there for them and encourage them. It can become taxing on counselors and facilitators to constantly be there emotionally for others if they are not in the habit of practicing agape. This is why addicts should expect to encounter selflessly loving people in the mental health professionals that treat them when they are checked into a quality rehab facility.

The support groups and events that are held in the company of other addicts are yet another place to find agape. Addicts are unique brain types and sometimes there is no one who can understand them except for other addicts. Many addicts form an understanding with one another that helps them support each other through their trials. Addiction is a disease that many people do not understand, and it can be very hard for an addict to find unconditional support and positivity in people. This is why it is so important for support groups of addicts to practice agape with one another. Addicts have had more than their share of rejection, judgment, criticism and misunderstandings. It makes a world of difference to be able to lean on one another and know that they will find acceptance and love among other recovering addicts.

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