An Ever-Growing Global Concern

The world is facing an increasing number of mental health issues, with depression, suicide, and substance abuse on the rise in many countries. Mental health is a major public health concern that affects individuals, families, and society as a whole. Mental health is not just an individual concern, but a global one, with increasing numbers […]

How Selflessness Can Heal Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are an ever-growing scourge of modern society. They can manifest in a variety of ways from depression and anxiety to mood swings and paranoia. There is a wide array of treatments for mental illness including medication and psychotherapy but these only address the symptoms, not the underlying cause. Thankfully, recent studies have shown […]

How to Help Those Who Suffer

Mental disorders are a significant and growing problem in society today, affecting over 450 million people worldwide. In the United States, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in five adults experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. While it may be difficult to understand what someone with mental illness deals […]

How Selflessness Can Heal Addiction

Addiction is a deadly enemy to anyone who suffers from it. It is a devastating affliction that goes far beyond substance abuse and extends to any type of behavior that becomes compulsive and damaging to the individual’s life. No matter how powerful the addiction, each one is a prison with invisible bars. In many cases […]

How Agape Treatment Helps Addicted Loved Ones

Addiction is a serious problem and it can be a stressful and challenging problem when it affects a loved one. A loved one’s addiction can have a ripple effect on the family, leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and anger. Fortunately, there is an effective and compassionate approach to helping those struggling with addiction: Agape […]

How to know your loved one is addicted

Addiction is a complex disease with the capacity to disrupt relationships among families and friends. Often, many people find it challenging to tell that their loved one is addicted until much damage has been done. When you can tell that your loved one is addicted, it becomes easy for you to assist them in getting […]

How to be selfless to your addicted loved one

When your loved one is addicted, it might be difficult for them to be on the same page with other members of the family. Remember that family members have conflicts with one another, it becomes worse when one or more are addicted. When some members of the family are struggling with addiction, it can become […]


Selflessness simply means the quality of unselfish concern for the wellness and good of other people. This means that you have a genuine interest in how they are faring and the likes. Someone who is selfless does not put himself first. Rather, he would be concerned about others before thinking about himself. If a selfless […]


The primary need of someone who is addicted is love; this is what encourages them to fight their addiction problem. Alas, this is not the case in most situations, people do not see a need to show love to people who are addicted, because they do not want to be identified with them. Little did […]


Agape is a Greek word which basically means selfless love. It should be noted that this kind of love, is different from romantic love or other forms of love. The Bible describes agape love as the purest and sincerest form of love. When you compare Agape love to other types of love, you would see […]