The primary need of someone who is addicted is love; this is what encourages them to fight their addiction problem.

Alas, this is not the case in most situations, people do not see a need to show love to people who are addicted, because they do not want to be identified with them. Little did they know that, they are inadvertently aiding them to dig their grave.

Based on studies, those who are shown love when they are addicted would most likely agree to be treated, than those who are treated with prejudice. Showing love to this set of people shows that you care and you want the best for them.

Even though they do not agree with your point of view at first, initially they would accept and they would be grateful for it.

In a family where there is an addicted member, not everyone might be cool with the reality that one of them is addicted. Hence, there would be different reactions towards that person.

The same also applies to a group of friends. If one of them is addicted, not everyone would be free to relate with that person. And if care is not taken, the group might split up.

In most cases, the common types of addictions that are responsible for such friction among loved ones is substance addiction- drug and alcohol addiction.

When the person eventually opts for addiction treatment, the love shown towards him or her should not end there.

The counselor who would be the first point of contact at an addiction treatment centre, would facilitate several meetings between the counseling team, the addicted individual and their loved ones.

Love is important when dealing with health-related problems. Psychologically, it helps an individual to look forward to getting better, and reuniting with their loved ones.

When love is not displayed, there is a likely chance that the individual would not want to seek treatment, thereby resulting in further adverse health complications.

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