Agape is a Greek word which basically means selfless love. It should be noted that this kind of love, is different from romantic love or other forms of love. The Bible describes agape love as the purest and sincerest form of love. When you compare Agape love to other types of love, you would see that it is indeed the best kind of love.

Naturally, selfless love is perpetual and unselfish. When you selflessly love another person, it means that you have decided to leave your desires and needs aside, and attend to theirs. This is the perfect kind of love.

Now, taking a look at addiction healing or recovery, you would see that people usually invest a lot into ensuring that they fix any problem which is related to their mental health, so that they can achieve inner peace.

In addiction healing, putting yourself before others, ensures that all forms of selfishness which are attached to all your problems, would be managed. Selflessness is the best personal form of addiction recovery.

Exhibiting agape is very advantageous in the process of addiction healing, as it helps to ensure that the mental health of a person is restored and the individual is as good as new. When it comes to mental disorders and addiction, it can be said that, their actuality is not the doing of the addict. Rather, the individual in question is a victim, who from time to time, aims to satisfy himself, irrespective of the fact that it could have adverse effects.

When mental disorders and addiction are left untended to, they have the capacity to cause isolation to the person who is hooked on them, as they would be compelled to only think about themselves, rather than others. They would not want the influence of other people around them.

With time, it becomes more severe, and the individual becomes very lonely, and suicidal thoughts could begin to set in. The addiction process can be said to be staged; there is always an ultimate end which is death. If ample care is not given to the individual, it could result in death.

Hence, the practice of Agape comes in handy, and it goes a long way to securing the mental health of an individual, and helping them break free from addiction.

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