How Selflessness Can Heal Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are an ever-growing scourge of modern society. They can manifest in a variety of ways from depression and anxiety to mood swings and paranoia. There is a wide array of treatments for mental illness including medication and psychotherapy but these only address the symptoms, not the underlying cause. Thankfully, recent studies have shown that selflessness can in fact be a powerful and natural remedy for many mental disorders.

Selflessness is defined as acting out of concern for the benefit of others without regard for one’s own needs. It is a common attribute found among those who are deeply spiritual and compassionate. Selflessness is often found in people who show genuine concern and sympathy for those going through difficult times. This act of compassion can be therapeutic as it creates a powerful connection with those struggling with their mental health.


When it comes to healing mental disorders, selflessness is both a mental and physical tool. Physically, it can help to relax the body and mind which can actually lower the levels of stress and anxiety in the sufferer. Mentally, selflessness encourages empathy and understanding towards others and can give meaning to the sufferer’s life. This understanding of the suffering of others can help to reduce negative feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.

Selflessness is particularly beneficial in treating depression. It can be hard to motivate yourself to accomplish tasks and goals when depressed. When you choose to focus your energy on helping someone else, however, this can give a sense of purpose to your life which can be very valuable to those suffering from depression. It can also lead to an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment which can help to reduce depression symptoms.

Selflessness is also incredibly helpful in reducing the loneliness associated with many mental disorders. By taking the time to offer consistent support and emotional connection to those you are taking care of, you are helping to improve their mental well-being which in turn can help to improve yours. This deep connection between two people can be incredibly beneficial to both parties and can even lead to the formation of intimate relationships that could not have otherwise been possible.

Although selflessness may not be the only answer to treating mental disorders it can be an incredibly helpful and rewarding remedy. Offering your time and energy to others can give both you and them a sense of purpose that could alleviate many of the symptoms associated with mental illnesses. It can also create a powerful and intimate connection between two people which could have many positive mental health benefits.

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