Making a Recovery through Altruism

recovery and altruismAltruism, or selflessness, is a quality that greatly benefits the world. However, the benefits to the person exercising selfless love should not be overlooked. People invest fortunes into fixing their mental health problems and trying to achieve perfect peace, all the while the truest path to peace and to becoming whole is through serving others. Putting others before yourself is the only way you can reverse the selfishness that holds you to all your problems. Altruism is a personal form of recovery through the following means:

  • Selfishness to selflessness. Practicing selfishness in life is a dead end road. It breeds isolation and hardheartedness and has no meaningful reward. Changing this practice to selflessness will bring warmth, relationship and the most meaningful kind of reward to your life.
  • Self seeking to service. Self seeking motivation inspires people to only protect their own interests, where as being in the service of others means opening one’s heart to them and meeting a need of theirs voluntarily.
  • Blessing yourself to blessing others. When a person is only looking to bless themselves with good fortune, they become stingy and self absorbed. Putting thought into blessing others makes you a better person and inspires those blessings to ripple out further into the world.
  • Subjectivity to objectivity. Altruism is a form of objective thought because it looks outside the self to gain perspective. Being self serving is very subjective because it keeps a person locked in their own head. Altruism inspires a growth in perspective by placing empathy outside of the self.
  • Self focus to focus on others. Being self focused only protects your own interests and only makes you look into the things that you require. This is not a virtuous way of being. Altruism requires you to shift your focus to other people and helps you be a better person by practicing selflessness, which is valuable, rare and effective in our world.
  • Closed off to open. Being self serving makes you closed off to the perspective of others, which hurts them as well as you. Practicing altruism will open you up to new perspectives, relationships, life lessons and personal reward.

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