Addiction in most times is associated with secrecy and greediness. For a person to be engrossed in an addiction, it has to be that the person is being secretive about life issues, to the extent that there is no check to such act from friends and family. Secrecy in itself can happen as a result of self-centeredness. Some people do not feel the need for people to benefit from what they have or what they do, whether good or bad, because they see everything they engage in as being private, and as such they should be done alone.
Addiction and selfishness are two different state of being; however, they have some facts in common which makes them able to work hand in hand. It is important to understand the intricacies and rudiments of these two aspects of life to manage them or even overcome them.
The thin line between addiction and selfishness
Selfishness is a trait that nourishes addiction. Addiction is one of the deadliest behaviors that exists in this present age; it categorically has no reasonable benefit to the perpetrator, all it does as it creeps into the person’s life, is to damage the person’s character, image, integrity, relationship and physical health. When a person is selfish, it directly or indirectly rubs off on all other aspects of the person’s life.
The knowledge of the privacy, pleasure, and satisfaction that one can derive from shutting out oneself from the rest of the world, creates a level of gratification that is capable of aggravating into addictions. When all that a person longs after is to satisfy his or her own personal self, such person is prone to getting obsessed with any thing, since the entirety of the person’s recourses, energy, and time is being channeled towards self satisfaction.
Self therapy for escaping from selfishness and addiction
Both addiction and selfishness are psychological problems, and as such they require psychological solutions. In dealing with addiction, selfishness should also be dealt with, because they work hand in hand to make each other survive. The direct opposite of selfishness that is capable of eradicating it should be selflessness. By the word selflessness, we do not mean that people should not take thoughts of their own self, but there should be a point of balance.
A deliberate effort to exempt oneself from selfishness is one shot enough to deal with addiction. For an addict to gradually stay away from addiction there is a need for such person to start putting the interest of other people at heart, to reduce the time and money that is being consumed on his or herself.`

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