Selflessness and Atonement

selfless loveSelfless love is a condition that betters everything around it. Agape means selfless love. It blesses the lives of people through its compassionate nature and improves the quality of existence through its service. Practicing selfless love is not only good for everything around you. It is good for you as well. Arguably, there is nothing better for people than practicing selfless love. It is everyone’s better nature, and practicing it does for the heart and the mind what years of therapy sometimes cannot do: it makes a person whole.

The value of humility is taught through selfless love. A humble spirit is a noble one. Anyone who thinks they are too good for any type of service to others can afford to learn more humility. Humility is an understanding that every person is equally valuable and therefore deserves equal amounts of service, support and blessings from others. Exercising selfless love and giving to other people without expectation is what builds the virtue of humility.

Selfless love is character building. It teaches a person the ethic of hard work, compassion, generosity, strength and selflessness. By serving someone else purely for the purpose of seeing them thrive and be blessed, you will in turn be blessed yourself because selfless love comes with the reward of peace and satisfaction. You will be a better person for having exercised selfless love.

Giving to others selflessly is the truest way of expressing your care for them because it is a type of giving that is not expected from people. Selfless love truly makes the world into a better place, and there is nothing more redemptive than this contribution. It is done voluntarily without requirement. It makes the person on the receiving end of the selfless love feel special and cared for, lifting their spirits and inspiring them toward their better altruistic nature. It also accomplishes things that would otherwise not get done – acts of charity and service such as helping people who are unable to help themselves. Everyone benefits from selfless love.

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