Selflessness simply means the quality of unselfish concern for the wellness and good of other people. This means that you have a genuine interest in how they are faring and the likes.

Someone who is selfless does not put himself first. Rather, he would be concerned about others before thinking about himself.

If a selfless individual is in a group and there is a project to be undertaken, the individual would contribute his full quota without thinking of any inconvenience. They would act with less concern for themselves and show more interest in the success of the group.

Interestingly, selflessness is a vital key to relationships, friendships, marriages and the likes. It is also a pivotal key to fulfillment and happiness. However, people often overlook this concept because they feel in seeking fulfillment and happiness, selfishness steps in.

We live our lives for a good number of reasons; it could be for selfish reasons like reputation, fame, money, possessions and the likes.

Also, we can live our lives in pursuing justice for others, happiness for people, growth and a whole lot. In fact, we can live our lives basically to handle the problems in this world.

Embracing selflessness is the only way to find long-lasting significance in the world. Without selflessness, it would be difficult to achieve inner peace which we all crave for. For some people, success is defined for them when they have more power over those around them. This is why some individuals would continue to chase power for a very long time.

However, they fail to realize that the power and happiness chased selfishly do not last for long; they fade out with time. The fact is nobody loves to be attracted to selfishness, and that’s why people shy away from those who exhibit that character.

In helping people get back on their feet from addiction and mental health problems, it is important to exhibit selflessness towards them.

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